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"Katie's professionalism creates a sense of confidence and security even before treatment, and without much words, she sensitively senses in the massage the areas of the body in need of relaxation, so I can switch off completely during this time.

Her joy with the massage radiates through the room. This feeling transmits itself to me - I feel one with my body again - in deep balance and full of energy at the same time. "

Mia, Hamburg

"It was very relaxing. I switched off completely and could forget everything. The Esalen massage is unique. "

Soren, Lemwerder

"A soothing, rhythmic massage to leave the stresses of everyday life behind you. Just drop your head, let yourself go and recharge your batteries. Katie understands her craft, she makes you feel secure, so you can just relax and unwind . "

Kimi, Lemwerder

"A very soothing and relaxing massage, where you can totally switch off. (I even fell asleep), pleasant rhythmic sounds, very good preparation and follow-up, a completely successful massage."

Bjorn, Lemwerder

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