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Welcome to Massage Baum

A quiet studio in Lemwerder, offering a peaceful space to retreat into the body and forget about the rest of world through the restorative benefits of massage therapy. 


"Like water, we are truest
to our nature in repose.

-Cyril Connolly


Holistic Focus...

Massage Baum is based on a holistic approach to wellness - meaning that body, mind, and spirit are taken into account as a whole when addressing the physical body through massage. 


Personalized Approach...

Every massage is customized on an individual basis to suit your personal needs in the moment. There is no set routine to the massages. Just say how you're feeling that day and I can work with whatever information you give me to create a treatment just for you. 

Opening Times

The studio is only open by appointment.

Drop-Ins are not accepted. Time and planning are required to prepare the massage room in order to create the perfect atmosphere. 

Same day appointments are sometimes possible, but not always.

Please contact in advance to make your appointment :)


The best way to make an appointment is either by Whatsapp message or by email:

+49 176 56967925

Phone calls are not appreciated as I can not answer the phone throughout the day. 
If you must phone, please leave a voicemail with your name and number and I will call you back when I am able to. 


Lechterseite 6,
Lemwerder 27809

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Let's connect: @massagebaum

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